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Dear Classmates, Class Associates, Honorary Classmates and Friends:

It is my honor and privilege to serve as the sixteenth President of The Great Class since our graduation in 1956 and to succeed our able Classmate, Bob Varrin.

With Corky Frost backing me up as Vice President, and with the support of our Class Secretary, Tom Meeker, and our Class Treasurer, Mal Schwartz, plus an extremely able Executive Committee, I can assure you that The Great Class is in “good hands”.

Our 60th Reunion, under the leadership of Arthur and Janet Eschenlauer, was a huge success, and plans for exciting Class activities in the future are already in the works.

Together, your Class Officers and Executive Committee will work hard to live up to the many traditions of THE GREAT CLASS – 1956!

Best regards,

Frank Klapperich, President

Frank Klapperich, Jr., President
719 Willowwood Lane
Naples, FL 34108

Tom Meeker, Secretary
459 Passaic Avenue, Cottage 311
West Caldwell, NJ 07006


News of yourselves, along with photographs, are welcome for posting on this website without a limitation of words. Information for the Princeton Alumni Weekly (PAW) must be brief, as we are limited to 300 words per column, Please send any material to Tom Meeker per the contact information above.